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Jan 28, 2019

We are so excited about Episode 5 of Overcoming Fears and Failures as we get to chat with Darryll Stinson of Second Chance Athletes  Darryll shares his incredible story of being a gifted student and pro-athlete to suffering injury and dealing with the end of his life as he knew it. He shares...

Jan 25, 2019

Its our 4th Episode in the Overcoming Fears and Failure Series. Judy and Chad wrap up their final thoughts on this topic with some great tips and strategies going forward. Click here for Show notes

Jan 21, 2019

In Episode 3 in the Overcoming Fear of Failure series, Chad and Judy discuss 3 things that you can do to overcome that fear of failure. They also share some personal stories and those of champions who had to overcome failure to truly make a difference.

Find show notes here

Jan 20, 2019

In Episode 2 of Overcoming Fear of Failure "Mama J" and Chad delve deeper and share stories about those who they know who have triumphed and overcome many challenges and failures. They remind again that the Battle is real. Victory is assured.

Click here for show...