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Apr 26, 2019

Its episode 5 of our series on Overcoming Poverty Mentality. Judy, Chad and LiĆ«tte(Lee) discuss how a poverty mentality can be experienced emotionally, spiritually and in the challenges we experience in life. Lee shares the story of her son Noah who was born with Spina bifida and how he is an epic conqueror. Visit

Apr 21, 2019

In this first Episode, Judy Bauer, the founder of Father's Family Business and Kingdom Advancement Ministries (KAM) reveals her insights and strategies for winning in life so you can consistently flip the script and elaborate your victories as an EPIC Conqueror. Her Co-Host, Chad Smanjak fuels the podcast with his life...

Apr 19, 2019

Judy and Chad took a trip to Washington DC, to attend the Internaitonal Culture Shapers Summit. They also made some time to visit the iconic memorials. They share some epic inspiration they recieved, from those who went before. For shownotes visit:

Apr 15, 2019

Judy and Chad reflect on their recent visit to Washington DC where they attended the Culture Shapers Summit. They share about the 7 mountains of influence, the influencers who they met at the summit and challenge listeners to get equipped to become influencers of culture too. Get all the details: